Anceder is a classic Arcade shoot-them-up (shmup) in VR (Virtual Reality). Choose your ship and try to make the best score you can.

– 5 worlds to play
– A lot of visual effects
– Many options and achievements to enhance your ship
– Original sounds FX
– Original musics, each world has its own. Music are level-long (no boring repetitive loops)
– Easy, normal and hard mode. You won’t unlock anything in easy mode. In hard mode you have more bombs and a bigger score.
– Try the fury mode (easy, normal and hard) if you want the game to be even faster. In Fury mode you have more energy (yes, because it’s really harder).
– In English or French (texts & voices). The voices can also be set in Goa’Uld 😉
– Scores saved worldwide (if connected to the internet).

Use a joystick or a joypad to really enjoy the game. Don’t forget to press B to launch a mega-bomb if you are overwhelmed. Keep A pressed for auto-fire. Release A to stop shooting and automatically collect all the present magnets (that will be used to get enhancements). You can set the camera lower or upper with the triggers. Keep Start pressed to center view (in VR). (Xbox-controller-like).

« Insert coin ».
« Winners don’t use drugs ».

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